Saturday, 1 November 2014

An Aussie Halloween

Isn't an Aussie Halloween the same as any other Halloween you may ask? Well not quite, it is currently a half arsed attempt to emulate an age old tradition that just has nothing to do with us. Until recently it was virtually unknown here except when watching American movies.

But a day of the year dedicated to eating junk food and scaring the shit out of each other for laughs couldn't go ignored forever. It is still the opinion of many that the Americanisation of Australian culture is not a good thing and that allowing your kids to engorge on lollies is irresponsible and to those people I say Bah Humbug.

Each year little by little the celebrations have been taking hold here and I will admit I am becoming a fan. Thanks to Costco, the great American mega mart, the help of the hubby and a trusty Dremel, I attempted my very own Jack O Lantern.

I was so happy with the results that I am looking forward to next Halloween where I can go all out and decorate the porch and hopefully attract more than the one meager Trick or Treater I got this year.

Here is how you can make your own Jack O Lantern and trust me, use a Dremel, it makes fast work of the job.

Find yourself an inspiration Pumpkin

Google yourself a design you like or design your own

Chop off your Pumpkins scalp

Remove your Pumpkin's brains

Tape your pattern to your Pumpkin

If you are really lazy now you are done

Use a Dremel to mark the outline of your design

Also use a Dremel to cut the design

Put in some tea light candles and there you go, spooky

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