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Unique Journeys: Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Being in the travel industry and talking travel all day gives me some unique insights. I am constantly surrounded by the latest travel trends, get first hand feedback from hundreds of travellers every year and am bombarded with industry reps touting their travel products and don’t forget the familiarisation and personal travel I undertake every year. 

All too often I see people fall into the trap of taking uninspired holidays. In this Series “Unique Journeys” I am focusing on bringing you unique experiences worldwide. One of a kind getaways and fascinating experiences to get you seeing travel from a new perspective. 

The experiences and properties you will see recommended here are not sponsored they are brought to you from my many years experience as a travel consultant. 

I am going to tell you the truth here. Today's Unique Journey is so self indulgent, so utterly self centered that you should question my ethics. In the hopes of immersing myself in this amazing destination I am writing this post totally for me and not for you. Sorry but you are welcome to read on and share in my dream. A dream of vast expanses of rugged wilderness. Soaring mountains, ancient glaciers, gurgling rivers and rushing waterfalls. For a girl from rural Australia the mere thought of the pine tree surrounded isolation is exciting.

Realistically I am not being entirely self centered here. My initial thought in bringing you this blog post was that I am tired of sending clients on the same old holiday. Many destinations have such a well worn trail I am surprised there isn't a deep culvert on the topographical map caused by the hoards of tourists blindly following each other around on their uninspired holidays.

The word uninspired and Canada really shouldn't be used in the same sentence but I do feel that a lack of research and prior planning will have you trudging around on a coach tour to the same well worn places. I will admit my trip to Canada was just that but as it was sponsored by a coach touring company and was offered as an agent famil trip so I am not complaining. It was actually the first big trip I was offered as a part of my work as a travel agent and I can tell you Canada has a place in my heart forever. It's natural beauty really has not been rivalled by any other destination I have been to before or since. Those glacial blue lakes, snow capped peaks and ever present wildlife is enough to bring a tear to your eye...and so will the cold if you head over in winter from a sun-burnt country like mine.

Once you have had your fill of the tourist trail and explored the wonders of the Rockies you must consider really getting lost in the wilderness, not Chris McCandless style but in real style at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort. I have never been there and this is not a sponsored post. I just stumbled across this destination my usual way, in a tourist brochure I was reading as a part of my job and it blew me away enough to think...I need to know more.

So basically what you need to know is that you cannot reach this resort by road...there are no roads. You need to get a helicopter or float plane. If that isn't thrilling enough once you have arrived there is only enough accommodation for 18 people. That is 18 people in the 50 000 square miles of untouched wilderness the resort has access to. Now I am going to really blow your mind, There is a waterfall running through the centre of the resort (do I hear a collective gasp).

The accommodation is in private cabins either situated on stilts over the bay or on land by the stream. Rooms are well appointed with all the amenities you could need during your stay plus a few extras. Complimentary mini-bar, wine, home-made cookies and truffles, speciality teas, cotton robes, bath and beauty products, crocs footwear, bose ipod dock. No stone is left unturned in ensuring your comfort.

Within the resort you also have features like the master masseurs, a waterfall plunge pool, games rooms, stream side hot tubs, satellite TV and the totally idyllic floating dock decked out with Adirondack chairs just waiting for you to snuggle up for some pre dinner cocktails.

You can rest easy in knowing all these facilities don't come at a cost to the environment. Based on their sustainability practices Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort has been selected by the National Geographic Society as one of their Unique Lodges of the World in 2015. Being family owned and operated there is clearly a care for the environment that the Murray Family live and work in that surpasses the standard practices of the larger chain resorts around the world.

The focus here is on wilderness activities either by land or by air depending on your budget. Whether you have a penchant for fishing, hiking, wildlife watching and photography, whale watching adventures or gourmet food it is all on offer here and all included in your room rate. "And what is the room rate?" I hear you ask with bated breath. I will admit I opened their rates page with trepidation not wanting my dreams of visiting this unique destination dashed against the rocks of my minuscule travel agent salary. I was actually pleasantly surprised.  I won't be heading there tomorrow but at $1535 per person per night including float plane transfers to get there, all meals, all guided activities, gourmet picnics, mini bar, private cabin accommodation and wi-fi with a little forethought and a savings plan it is absolutely affordable. This cost is based on having ground based tours only. You can upgrade to include the helicopter trips but that is a little out of my budget.

I think these images speak for themselves so I will stop babbling now and just let you dream of escaping it all and heading Into the Wild.

Photos courtesy of Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort. Photos not be be reproduced with their permission

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