Thursday, 7 May 2015

An Open Letter of Apology to Jamie Oliver

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Dear Jamie,

I know you will never read this letter but I am sending it into the ether anyway, possibly to make me feel better for my former judgemental ways.

You have been around most of my adult life, seeing your face was enough to irritate my former self. Your youth was not enough to mask your slightly arrogant ways. I thought all your silly little phrases "lovely jubbly" were fake and forced and I questioned what kind of man would brand their kids for life with names like Poppy Honey Rosie, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Daisy Boo and Buddy Bear (okay I still question that a little but accept your individuality).

I didn't understand your cookbooks and didn't think anything that could be cooked in 15 minutes was worth 15 minutes of my life. I queried your motivation in killing live baby chicks on telly and I thought your crusades were a vain attempt at prolonging a fading career.

I just didn't get it, I just didn't get you.

I don't know who has matured and changed. Is it me or you? Possibly a little of both but I suddenly get you, I get it all. Your arrogance is now backed by experience and softened by maturity. It is apparent your crusades are no passing fad and I whole-heartedly agree with your approach to food. There is no good and evil when it comes to food, fad diets are worth-less and a balanced approach is best. Your Wiggle-esque shirt on the cover of your latest book "Comfort Food" brings a smile to my face and your use of fresh vibrant ingredients in inspirational.

I use to see a kid thrown into the limelight who revelled in it a little to much, I now see a man who has a passion for good food, health and the environment. A man who wants to share that passion and takes it beyond the TV screen and into real life with initiates that have been embraced worldwide like Food Revolution Day and the Ministry of Food.

Your simple and fresh recipes are designed with the home cook in mind and perfectly back your mission to teach the world to cook good food. Your website is chocca block full of free recipes to suit all budgets and your Dark, Sticky, Lamb Stew that I cooked was absolutely rockin'. Best stew I have ever made.

So there you have it Jamie, it took near on a decade to covert me into a fan but your persistence and enthusiasm won me over. All hail king Jamie!
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