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How To Make The Ultimate Dalek Cake. A Step by Step Guide

I am re-posting this blog from it's original place on my Stacked Cakes website. As I no longer make cakes professionally I am shutting that page down and thought it would be a huge shame to lose my most popular blog posts.

This Dalek cake once online went viral which was so exciting. I saw it re-posted, tweeted and blogged about all around the world in many languages.

It was made by myself and my husband, Martin for his birthday. It remains one of our favourite cakes of all time. A close second may be our R2D2 which I will re-post here soon along with the downloadable plans.

Who wouldn't love a 2 foot tall realistically detailed Dalek cake for their birthday?

This cake was a challenge but ended up better than we could have imagined. It stands 22" high and weighs nearly 20kg.

The following photos show some of the work that went into it's construction.

Plans were developed from existing Doctor Who manuals

The use of styro-foam in some sections reduces weight and cakes wastage. These parts can absolutely be made from cake if you have a lot of people to feed.

28 styro-foam balls were halved, covered in icing and painted gold. 

The main sections of body are carved and covered in chocolate ganache ready to be iced

The different sections are stacked once iced

More details are added and the eye-ball is in development

The eye is added along with gun mounts

The completed Dalek is ready to exterminate!

Dalek ready for his close up

Me and the Dalek

People at the restaurant we took this cake were awaiting the cutting, proof it was actually cake

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