Sunday, 1 November 2015

Getting Up Close With Spices

Spices are a big part of my life, I have containers overflowing with spices from all corners of the globe and their abilities to enhance if not create a dish is not quantifiable. I came home this week to find Martin rifling through the spice containers and capturing them under his new macro camera lens. At first I was only vaguely interested. I handle these spices all the time so I know what they are all about or at least I thought I did and then I saw them up close. Zoomed in on they take on an entirely different character. Hidden details, textures, shapes and forms are highlighted and magnified. I was so impressed I though you might like to see some spices up close as well. So here they are. I won't go into detail about where they are from and what you can do with them, just enjoy them in their magnified glory.


Star Anise

Bay Leaf

Cardamon Seeds

Green Cardamon Pods

Chinese Brown Cardamon Pod

Szechuan Peppercorns

White Peppercorns

Cumin Seeds

Poppy Seeds



Cassia Bark

Coriander Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Nigella Seeds

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    1. Thanks Gary, I wasn't exactly expecting to see what I saw looking through the lens in this detail. Pretty cool hey.

  2. Love this!.Been wanting to do some macro photography with food but hadn't though about spices - what great subjects!

    1. Thanks Brian. They are so much more interesting than I expected. Might do another round of it at some point, there are a lot of spices to work with.