Friday, 1 September 2017

Stacked Cakes: Novelty Cakes Gallery

Finally, here is my next installment of cake photos.As I have mentioned many times before on the blog I spent five years as a cake decorator. Mostly part time around my career as a travel agent but I did take a year off to do it full time. You can read more about that here. So now that I have shut down the website I need a new home for my favourite cakes. These cakes were the subject of countless hours of my labor and like most edible items they were devoured and are gone. All that exists are the photos. So here they are. My favourite cakes I made in my former guise, Stacked Cakes.

And if you want more cakes you can see my wedding cake gallery here.

50 hours of work went into this Dalek cake and at the time it went pretty viral online

Canon camera cake

Porsche cake

African savannah cake

Shoe cakes, I made so many shoe cakes!

Snoopy cake

Harry potter sorting hat cake

Teal'c from Stargate cake

Suitcases cake for some avid travellers

Tour de France cake for a wanna be participant

Vegas cake

I think this is the design I did the most, babies babies babies

I did a lot of cube as well with all different themes

Madhatters, a popular wedding cake design at the time, a bit of a tricky one to pull off

Book vs kindle cake for a reader

So many christening cakes

Buffy cake

Merry go round cake

Christmas box

Another madhatter. So tricky to carve and ice these ones

Baby cookie monster cake

Disney castle cake

Fire engine cake. This took an immense amount of time to get all the details on

Horror themed cake

End of teaching degree cake

Guitar cake. Life sized.

I can't count the number of car cake I made and how many my husband carved to perfection for me

Donuts and Homer cake

Indiana Jones themed cake

Lego cake

Shoes and bags, shoes and bags

Mickey themed cake

Mini Cooper cake

So many cars

Cube, this is the budget version of the Stacked cube lol

Muno head cake. I had never heard of Muno till this cake order

Bringing back memories now.  Old school Nintendo cake

Geeked out Normandy cake. The owners of this cake told me they couldn't bring themselves to eat it

Graduating nurse cake

OPI nail polish cake with the real thing next to it for a perspective of scale

I have no memory of this cake or why there was a monkey on it but it's cute

Zebra print cake

My famous "freestanding" and talking  R2D2 cake. The first of it's kind online and thanks to my free plans it is everywhere. Yay! Follow this link to get the plans yourself and read about the story behind the cake and how we made it talk

Record player cake

Me presenting a segment on Prime Possum morning TV show

Shoes and bags, shoes and bags

Princess cake

My own birthday cake. A girls has to treat herself every now and then

3D Snagglepuss cake. Totally freaked out about hand carving this cake but I think I nailed it

Hope you enjoyed my cakes!!

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