Hungry Planet is the baby of professional writer, home-cook and career travel agent Tenele Conway.

I am open to media opportunities and other collaborative projects if you are interested in what we are doing here at Hungry Planet or in my own skills as a cook and writer. I am open to media offers that cover my fields of expertise including travel writing, cookbook reviews, food writing and cake making.

My current media experience includes

  • Publication of my wedding cakes in Cosmo Bride magazine. 
  • Television presentation experience in the form of a segment on Prime Possum, a kids morning TV program in which I hosted a kids cake making demonstration.
  • My food writing has gained recognition in the form of an award for narrative writing at the 2015 Eat, Drink, Blog Conference. 
  • My travel writing is regularly featured on Her Canberra. You can view some of this work on the links below.

A selection of published travel writing 

Or if you would like to participate on the website by submitting a recipe for me to cook and discuss please email To find out more about sharing your recipes and what I hope to do here on Hungry Planet please read my page "Join in the Conversation".

Here at Hungry Planet we do focus on World Food so please send details along with your recipe. We would love to hear about where the recipe comes from, it’s cultural ties and significance and any personal stories you have that go with the recipe this will help me flesh out the story behind the recipe. Please make all attempts for clear recipes and instructions as I will be recreating these dishes. Unfortunately not all ingredients are available here in Australia so when necessary I will make substitutions for alternate ingredients. Please ensure all recipes submitted are your own property and in submitting them you are giving myself permission to post the ingredients and method on this blog.

For all media enquiries please contact

Presenting with Madelaine Collignon on Prime Possum (yes I am the shorty on the right)

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