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Cooking, eating and learning about cuisines from around the world is a way for me to connect with what is beyond my front door. It is a way of closing the distance between me and the world. To many the world may seem like a big place and opportunities to see it’s wonders may be limited but to cook and eat your way around our planet with the help of some simple kitchen utensils, a good cookbook, a shared connection and a spirit of adventure our many continents and cultures become only one dish away.

Blogging for me is about sharing the journey. It is a part of the human experience to share. My hope is that by sharing my cultural kitchen adventures with others, others will share with me. To encourage the sharing of culture through recipes I have started up Project United Kitchens. The project is designed to encourage you, the reader to send me your recipes and stories. I will cook those recipes and share the journey and your stories with my readers. My hope by doing so is it will encourage others to do the same, take that step to cook something foreign, expand the mind and to understand the world in which we live and it's unique cultures.

With the click of a button you can send me your favourite recipes and stories, dishes that speak of your life, culture, heritage and traditions that can bring the world closer and with your permission I would be honored to cook those dishes, partake in those traditions and share them with others.

So I urge you to join in the global conversation of food. I want to make this blog a United Nations of cuisine where people with vast cultural differences can unite over something we all have in common, but to do so I need your help.

To give you a better understanding of the project you should check out my first collaboration on Croatian cooking.

Email me your cultural dishes to and help make the world a more connected place.

We would love to hear about where the recipe comes from, it’s cultural ties and significance and any personal stories you have that go with the recipe this will help me flesh out the story behind the recipe. Please make all attempts for clear recipes and instructions as I will be recreating these dishes. Unfortunately not all ingredients are available here in Australia so when necessary I will make substitutions for alternate ingredients. Please ensure all recipes submitted are your own property and in submitting them you are giving myself permission to post the ingredients and method on this blog.

Here are just some of the cultures I have connected with through cooking on my journey so far:



Sri Lanka






Make your country the next...

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